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 Mensaje de Jonne

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MensajeTema: Mensaje de Jonne   Vie Ene 29, 2010 9:39 am

Citación :
I know it`s been a long time since i`ve been dropping down something here. And as a matter of a fact, because of that I was thinking to myself:

Should I feel guilty about that? The answer is: No, my friends! ‘Cause in silence right after “Karma Killer” Tour we started to come up with the vision for the music, lyric and the whole frames for the new NEGATIVE-album which will be within your reach 2010.

All that has kept me really busy.

As i`m writing this, we`re still in a middle of a recordings but already at this point i can tell you that the new songs are gonna be something fresh, intense, deeper, wilder and more beautiful than anything we`ve done in the past. I could talk about our new stuff endlessly, but instead I’ll let the music speak for itself. Recordings take place at Broken Wave Studios, Los Angeles CA. lead by Jimmy Westerlund & Warren Riker.

This session has definitely been the best time in a studio ever, and not only because of New exciting songs or circumstances, but also because of the new people that are working with the band for the album. After 4 studio albums at the age of 26 I can say that I`ve learned so much from these people.I have a good feeling.

With a little delay as a band we wanna thank you all who showed up on Karma Killer-tour. Afterwards like this when you get some distance for what We`ve done it is just a pleasure to think how wide and successful our tour itself was. There we`re a lot of new people and new countries for us, like Mexico, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and France.

The tour with a new album will come for sure and if it`s up to us we’re gonna play in every country we`ve played before and beside of that there will be a lot of new exciting places to go.

Can`t say yet when your are able to hear some new tracks, but when the time is right we let you know.

We`re doing our best to drop some news lines here more often

By the way just love to see how active our myspace and web site are nowadays and I personally wanna tell all our Fan page admins and visitors all over the world that keep doing what you`re doing, you`re the roots of NGT. As long as you keep on spreading a word of NEGATIVE, Rock`n Roll is alive and well!



Así que nuevo álbum para este año =D (btw... si es necesaria la traducción me dicen ok!?)

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..Sweet like Poison..

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MensajeTema: Re: Mensaje de Jonne   Vie Ene 29, 2010 11:36 pm

Síiii ya quiero algo nuevo de ellos *-*, muchas gracias mocosa! (:

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Mensaje de Jonne
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