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 Dynasty Recordings Tour

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MensajeTema: Dynasty Recordings Tour   Dom Ago 17, 2008 10:49 pm

dejo unas pequeñas entrevistas, unas de Iltalehti y otra de MTV 3 Wink

I: :First Dynasty-tour is now reality. How is it to go on tour with your "family gang"?
A: Of course it feels good. Finally got this thing together and on the road. They are lovely people these guys and Mariko has been a friend for a long time. Feels good. Should be a warm feeling on the tour and no one is being cocky or anything.
L: Yeah, right (LOL at the way he says it ). When we did that tour with Him and Negative at Germany, there was a good feeling and I felt that every band made the show a little bit better and for other bands as well.
I: So you nokitatte (hard to translate, kinda like sting each other, not literally though) each other?
L: Have to *laughter*
A: Huge competition *more laughter*
L: But in good spirits, so that it is good for the audience. That every band gives everything and plays their own gig, their not like some 30 minute scampers.
I: You are now dads (what she actually says is "increased people", but that sounds stupid). Are you gonna have a daddies tour kinda thing or have you settled down at all?
A: Everyone has their own bus and like a nursing table there.
L: Smell proofed trash can or what is it. Aki could use that too.
E: Well, you have to have a slide and a sandbox on every backstage. Not for the children, but for us.
A: For the settled down band. No, when we go to work, we go to work. It's better for the family to be at home than in a smelling bus.
L: But, really, when you have a baby, you start to go back, like me and Aki are saying: "Could we go to Puuhamaa (This place for children. There's like slides and pools and stuff for children) already next year?" Only we want to go there.
A: Greetings for Puuhamaa's owner, that sends us an inventation.
L: Like free entrance there.
A: Free tickets.
E: I have enjoyed it as well. I can build legos and huts and all this cool stuff, that I haven't been able to do for a long time.
I: What do you mean you haven't been able to?
E: Well, there could be some questions from the neighbours if a 25-year-old...
A: Going down a slide.
E: was building a hut on a tree.


Desmond Child decorated Rasmus' cake!

I: The album has different kinds of expectations. Of course Desmond Child's role will be noticed all over the world. Are you all hyped up, do have that little itch (not literally Very Happy)?

A: Good feelings, just had the mastered album and listened to it on the car. It's an awesome album, feels good, everyone has done their best as a human being and an individual, but also as a band. And when Desmond came and decorated the cake and noticed the faults, or actually the things that are best on Rasmus. Now we have a really good album and it tells, where Rasmus is these days and which things we like right now and today.

I: Will Desmond do some work with you in Finland after this?

L: Hopefully. Would be nice to bring him to Finland, because he has actually visited... He had had a relationship here. He would have wanted to come here to visit us. Maybe we will see him on Lostari (Lost&Found, bar in Helsinki).

I: But you haven't made any contracts, like anything official, to work with him on your next album, or what do you say Eero?
E: Maybe it would be nice to bring Desmond in front of Finnish media, because we have spend a lot of time together and lived with him for a while. He's an interesting person and he would probably have interesting stories to tell. So firstly that would be a good way to start.

L: Many people probably have a wrong opinion of him, because he is like this "hit machine" or he has been involved with a lot of these hit songs, but he's actually really sensitive and thinks stuff. Really the opposite of his public image. I thought he was this really American guy, a Yankee, but he loved Europe a lot. Like "best music comes from Scandinavia" or that "Brittish accent is lovely". He had this anti-American thing there, which was good because we didn't want our album to be this American adult rock album. Rasmus with a American twist.

E: It has been weird to see, when we have been in America recording, that in Europe we have this America against Europe thing, but in America they don't have that. They love Europeans as much as other nationalities.
It has been a learning point for myself, to learn like "that's how it is, we're not that different after all."

A: Have to say, that fans have sent a lot of e-mails and myspace messages, that "please don't get an American producer, you don't sound Rasmus or Scandinavian anymore". Have to confess that it did get on to me at some point, like before we had recorded anything. Like:"Yeah, maybe they're on to something", but I'm really happy that the album sounda Scandinavian and Rasmus and we don't play this American college rock, but it is exactly what it's supposed to be.


I:Your new album is coming out soon and this Dynasty-tour is your only tour in Finland with this album, am I right?
L: Yeah, this is our tour in Finland. We haven't have a tour in Finland for a long time. Finnish fans have been sending messages: "Where are you guys?" Good tour, it goes all around Finland basically. People these days go hundreds of kilometres because of gigs, so I think there will be a good atmosphere on the tour.
I: But you don't think these other two acts will take something out of your promotion for the album, because that's what tours partly are for?
A: I don't think anyone of us thinks that way. If there are these other bands that you're playing with or a warm-up band, when you're playing in Europe, they have to be these bands that kick you in the ass, that you will play even better gig. I think it's just cool to have more bands. Of course there's more to see for the fans and for yourself too. It's really couraging to have other bands on the tour. Plus these are wonderful people and I think it will be a great couple of weeks or eight gigs, or how was it? I'm really happy that this came up.
I:Do you have anything going on abroad, any new countries?
A: Funny you asked. I got an e-mail couple of weeks ago. They asked, if we would want to go play in Tirana, Albania. I answered immediately, I didn't even read all the facts, because we haven't been in Albania.
L: Wanna bet, that he went to see how many countries he has on his list.
A: We all have these list of countries where we have been because the band. We have this competition going on.

pronto subo traduccion, disfruten ^^
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MensajeTema: Re: Dynasty Recordings Tour   Lun Ago 18, 2008 9:11 pm

Gracias por la info edz *_*

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Dynasty Recordings Tour
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